GM-Mason Price
Players-Clark, Cody, Garret, Tyler and Peter.

Chapter 1- The beginning

As they woke up they tasted the humid breath of the wet air. The screeching of the colorful birds. And the abundant plant life around them. They also noticed the disappearance of all their gear and the fact that no one was near by. Their surroundings were comprised of an abandoned tropical island. They yelled out trying to find any sign of homo sapiens. Their girly screams quickly brought each other together. As they searched the perimeter of the island they found a small but effective barge, which held all their gear. They used this barge (which they called the U.S.S. Mason Suky) to escape their island and make it back to civilization. Soon, they arrived to a sandy coast and caught the eye of some fishermen. The fishermen noticed the bad condition of the men within the barge. One of them jumped overboard to get help from the local city of Elderfalls. The group of weary men in the barge fell into unconsciousness due to the lack of food and drink. They wake up in a infirmary with groups of very smoking hot nurses nourishing them back to health. One day when they were feeling reasonably better, a group of three nurses (a couple with blood and gore stained upon their aprons) come running and screaming out of the back room of the infirmary. Their screams tell tales of the stuff from nightmares. The undead. Immediately Peter ran out of the room and barred the door, trapping the others near the door where the crazed nurses came from. All the others decided to check out the door where the nurses came from. Suddenly a nurse comes through the door Peter barred, screaming a name “Mckayla!!!”. After coming through Peter quickly bars the door again. Cody runs up to the nurse and knocks her out, laying her on a bed nearby. Then everyone but Peter walk up to the door where the crazed nurses came out of. As Garret touches the door it bursts out and half a dozen undead swarm out. Quickly Garret casts a spell that puts a magical wall that wont let evil natured organisms through it. Cody summons an army of Fire Ants that begin to dismember the zombies. Clark shoots fireballs to blow up and consume the undead with flame. And Garret slashes the evil creatures with his great two handed sword. Soon the undead die and they go and further search the room in which the zombies came out of. Meanwhile, Peter has been arrested by the authorities due to an outburst that made the people uncomfortable. He has been taken to the Prison/Insane Asylum. He is being laid on a dissection table where he will be examined by the head psychological surgeon. He quickly gets out of his bonds without the surgeon noticing. As the surgeon approaches Peter with a scalpel, Peter lunges at him, stabbing him in the eyes with his middle and pointer fingers. The lunge was so powerful and had so much force behind it, that it made it the the frontal lobes of his brain, killing him instantly. He then brawls with a psychotic man who he let out of a jail cell. Then the psychotic man runs and peter chases him down, but fails to end his life as the man runs into lush forest. While this is occurring, Cody, Clark, Garret and Tyler explore the cell where the zombies had come from. They find an unconscious girl. Garret awakes her and she starts running very scared and worried. The nurse Cody had knocked out wakes up at this time and screams “Mckayla!!!” and runs up to the girl they found in the room the zombies wake up from. Garret and Tyler then leave the infirmary from a back door. Clark runs and burns down the door Peter barred. Leaving Cody with the nurse and Mckayla. A sudden explosion blows up the part of the infirmary where the zombies had come from. This traps Cody, Mckayla and the nurse inside a room. Cody finds a way out and the fire spreads, killing Mckayla and the nurse. As the fire begins to spread throughout the city Peter, Cody and Clark all leave together. And Garret and Tyler are leaving in a different direction.


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